Assembling the groundwork for Investments, Retirements and Tax-Advantaged Accounts

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Want an opinionated beginner read before this post? Check out my first article: . This post intends to cover deeper as to why’s and how’s of investing, retirement accounts, tax-advantaged accounts and opinionated financial strategies one can play.

Note that I am NOT a licensed financial advisor…

Finding differences and similarities as well as learning tips and tricks for picking up a programming language

Whether it be at work (where you may be working as a Software Engineer) or as a hobby, there comes a time when one struggles to choose the “right” language.

While there isn’t a fast and easy answer to this (and certainly, not “one language trumps all”), there are…

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, professional financial analyst nor even have an Economics/Finance major back in College — I just like computers, data and other CS-buzzwordy topics. Please take my advice as you wish.

Extra disclaimer: I haven’t finished writing this article yet. Give me comments and suggestions…

Alastair Paragas

Machine Learning Platform, Apple. Physics, UW. IA, Georgia Tech. I build apps/systems with Scala, Java, Javascript, Python, GoLang and many more.

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