• S M Anwarul Islam

    S M Anwarul Islam

    Always striving to learn new things and improve my knowledge | A tech enthusiast | Front-end Developer on a Journey to the Backend | Perfection is My Habit

  • Juan Rosas

    Juan Rosas

    UI | Front End Developer | Designer | Founder of @Voozlr | Disrupting #SocialMedia #MiamiTech #entrepreneur #startup

  • Roy Mustang

    Roy Mustang

  • Khushal Patel

    Khushal Patel

    CTO at XtremeHeights Loves http://ASP.NET, C# , http://VB.NET SQL Server, MVC

  • Paul Leiva

    Paul Leiva

    Computer Science @FIU 2020

  • Dragana Vukadinović

    Dragana Vukadinović

    Andragog (Adult education)

  • Nabeelah Patel

    Nabeelah Patel

    Millennial female;optimistic, nature loving, vegetable eating artist. Do spreadsheets for fun,and have a 50 000 word draft in need of editing.

  • Miguel Jardines Batista

    Miguel Jardines Batista

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