Grownup Escapades: Handling Finances

Take the average high/low price of the S&P500 for a given day from 1970 to 2020, average those out for a given year, and calculate the percent differences year-over-year, plotting those rates out along with the compound interest graph accounting for a.) the raw/actual growth in US dollars (not taking inflation into mind) and b.) consumer-price index adjusted inflation. Hypothetically investing in total market indices like the S&P 500 and the Wilshire 5000 allows us to diversify our investments cross-sector as well as our portfolio, which in turn controls our risk in the market. The code and datasets used to generate these plots are at

Apportioning the Paycheck: Automating cash in-flow and out-flow

Traditional Bank Accounts: A finite serving table

Growth of $10K in a savings account given a 0.50% and 0.01% return savings accounts respectively, yielding more than a difference in $500 ($10,010 vs $10,511 for an initial $10,000 savings balance over 10 years). This may not seem much, but amounts to more than $5K difference for an initial savings of $100K, or $50K for an initial savings of $1,000,000. The code and datasets used to generate these plots are at

Retirement Accounts: Roth vs Traditional 401K

Lowering Tax Liabilities with Tax-Deductible Expenses

Financial Automation and Personal Surveillance

Auto-pay and staying safe online

Managing revolving monthly payments with Paypal. Paypal automatically detects recurring payments and lists them out on the Automatic Payments section of your Paypal account.

Cards, rewards statements and cashbacks

Transaction Notifications and Expense Management

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz for all those transactions

Wall Street to Main Street

Brokerage Insurance: FDIC, SIPC and Sweep Program

Ally Invest FDIC-Insured Sweep Program Opt-in
ETrade SIPC vs FDIC Sweep Program insurance programs

What is in a name? Market indices, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Expense Ratios and budget setup

Efficient Frontier/Sharpe Ratio for Return/Volatility calculations on an investment portfolio — courtesy of

Preliminary Investigation: Bid and Ask Spread, PE Ratio, Market Capitalization, Dividends

Order Types

Ally Invest Order Preview Screen, with the Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit

Tax liabilities

Short-term capital gains tax rates, 2020 — IRS Schedule D:
Long-term capital gains tax rates, 2020 — IRS Schedule D:

In closing

Image courtesy of the Gallup —



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Alastair Paragas

Machine Learning Platform, Apple. Physics, UW. IA, Georgia Tech. I build apps/systems with Scala, Java, Javascript, Python, GoLang and many more.